Hello, Beauty! LISTEN UP!

I said: Hello, Beauty! Yeah I’m talking to you.

You who thinks you’re too fat today. You who thinks your skin is too zitty AND wrinkly today. You who thinks that your cluttered house somehow makes you a shitty person.

So yeah…hello, Beauty! Listen up. I’m here to tell you that you are crazy for thinking those things – because you don’t see what I see.

I see the truth and that truth is that you are magnificent!

Fucking magnificent.

The fact that you brought it all day today and that you put on underwear (or not…meow!) and went out into the world is something to be celebrated.

The fact that you made sure your people were clothed, fed and loved today is a miracle.

The fact that you handled a whole bunch of mundane, routine stuff – because it needed to be done – is what makes you a total boss.

You are nothing short of a gorgeous she-hero who slayed a jillion and one problems today without losing her shit…and you still manage to glow and shine.

But you don’t see that. I do. I see you.

It’s my mission in life. My job. My passion. My deep, primal desire to remind you of that. And remind you of who you are. Even when you lose track of that.

How about letting me remind you of that each day?

I’ve created a series of FREE digital wallpapers for your phone so that you can be reminded of your magnificence throughout the day.

Because, c’mon, how many times do you look at your phone in a day? Imagine how encouraging it will be to have a reminder of just how incredible you are each time you look at your screen?

Pick the one that speaks to you – and change ’em out when you need something different. 


Click Here and I’ll send the wallpapers directly to your email. Then you can pop them on your phone screen.



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