I get so excited to share good finds with you – especially when they’re things that I use on a daily basis.

So much of our joy (and misery) comes from our daily routine and how we live the moments of our life. So I’m always on the look-out for things that are going to bring happiness to my days. And I get even more pumped when I can share them with you!

Also, I’m not paid to endorse all of these products. I bought them with my own dough. These are my opinions and I’m just excited to share.

CND Vinylux Topcoat

topcoatI like to get my mani and pedi every other week. I adore my Michelle and Dee who are my nail girls (whaddup, chicks!?).  I adore gel manicures because they last long, but they’re so hard on my nails. My nails turn into a mushy, peeling hot mess after having gel manicures for a while.  

I take a break from the gel manis every 6-8 weeks to give my nails a break. During that time, I give myself a mani and pedi. Normally my manis will only last a day (or two if I’m lucky). That is until I discovered CND Vinylux Topcoat. This stuff is made by one of the companies that makes the gel polish they use in the store – so they know what they’re doing. When I use this, my mani can last for a couple weeks. Score!

You can get the CND Vinylux polish in a bunch of different colors and I’ve used that, too. But the miracle about the topcoat is that you can use it with any brand of polish. Usually I reapply this every 4-5 days to keep my nails chip-free.


 Glasses from Warby Parker


When I got into my 40’s my eyes started being wonky and I couldn’t focus quickly between close-up and far-away. Sigh. Guess that happens when you’re not a chickadee anymore. 

The eyeglasses at my doc’s office were chintzy, yet kind of expensive. So my brother turned me onto Warby Parker. It’s an on-line glasses store with really rad frames and inexpensive prices.

You go on their website and choose up to five frames that you want to try. They ship them to you – for free! You try them on at-home. You ship them back – for free. If you didn’t find ones that you liked in that first batch, they’ll send you more.

It took me two tries to find the nerdy ones that I liked. Then I uploaded my prescription and they shipped my glasses really quickly. Oh and the price, which was around $100 (cheap!) included anti-glare – which I learned was a necessity.


Betsey Johnson Forever Perfect Bra


My dear friend, Melissa Murray (who is a brilliant image consultant and stylist) kept telling me that I needed to go to Nordstrom and get measured for a bra. I thought it was a good idea, but I also thought: I’m good – I’ve been wearing the same size for a long time. 

Well I finally went and got measured. And I WAS NOT wearing the correct size. In fact, I was way off. The circumference I needed was smaller than I was wearing…and the cups I needed were bigger. Who knew?

When I got fitted, the gal had me try different sizes of the Betsey Johnson Forever Perfect Bra. It was awesome and felt so good. So I bought a bunch!

While they’re not the sexiest bras in town, they fit amazingly well and look great under clothes. Moral of this story – go get measured and buy some new bras. It will change your life. No shit.


Plastic Mason Jar Lids


I am obsessed with mason jars! I use them to store all sorts of stuff including my juice. I use them for vases and for drinking glasses.  But what I can’t stand about mason jars are the metal top lids because they get all rusty and yucky, especially if I place them in the dishwasher. Seriously – pain in the ass (first world problem). 

Recently I discovered Plastic Mason Jar Lids, which are available in different sizes from small ones to big ones. You can get these at Amazon.com and they’re really inexpensive. Game changer! 


Honeycrisp Apples


I’m not really a big fan of apples and fruits, in general, except Honeycrisp Apples. You can only get Honeycrips during the Fall season, so I eat a lot of them this time of the year. 

What I really love about the Honeycrisps is that they sweeter and juicier than the regular apples. Also they don’t have that funky texture that some other apples have (I’m talking about you Red Delicious – yuck). 


Do you share in my love for these things? If so, would love to hear from you in the comments below! xoxo



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