I get so excited to share the Things I Love with you! These are things that add to my happiness and bring joy into my life. I hope that they can help bring a little more happy to your life.

This month I’m sharing some make-up items that I love because we’ll all have a few more opportunities to glam it up a bit more during the holidays. YAY!

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It just so happens that one of my besties, Ashley, is the most amazing makeup artist! She is the founder and owner of My Girls on Film Studios, a luxury makeup studio and line of makeup. Ash does more than a hundred weddings a year, along with editorial, fitness, and fashion makeup. I love that she does makeup in such a way that your natural beauty shines through and you look like an even better version of yourself, a celebrity version of yourself!

Check out the makeup she did for the cover of Martha Stewart’s Wedding Magazine – GORGEOUS!


Anastasia Brow Powder and Brush










I never used to fill in my brows, but Ashley swears that it’s one of the most critical parts of making up your face. Now I do it whenever I wear makeup and think that it makes a huge difference.

Eyebrow powder is the most user friendly brow helper. Easier than a pencil or gel. A cool thing about eyebrow powder is that you can always brush it out if you think that it looks too dark.

Anastasia Brow Powder Duo gives you two different tones – a lighter one and darker tone for you to use on sparse areas or if you have patches or bald spots to fill in. I use the color “blond” and like to mix the two different shades. I like to wear the darker shade when I’m going out on the town and it’s going to be dark. I like the lighter shade for everyday.

Make sure to use a specific eyebrow angle brush to create a nice, clean line. This is KEY! Make sure you get the brush.

The bottom line of the eyebrow is the most critical part of the eyebrows. Hold your brow up a little as you gently dot on the bottom line. Create tiny strokes to create a nice line and it will help you to look like you just got your brows waxed.


Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow


I ADORE SPARKLES! I don’t wear them all that often on my eyes because the glitter can settle in and magnify wrinkles. Yikes!

For special occasions, and when it’s going to be a bit of a dark environment, I go for it! Ashley turned me onto this Stila Vintage Black Gold shadow. It’s perfect if you’re going to a party or spending the night on the town.

The best way to apply this product is with your finger, but keep a brush handy. Just apply a tiny bit of it to your finger.  Close your eyes and start right at the base of the lash and softly bring it upwards. Tap very lightly and don’t rub it. Use the brush to blend it in at the crease only.


MGOFS Concealer + Powder













I am obsessed with Ashley’s line of face makeup.  It’s a mineral-based concealer + powder and it doesn’t include bad poisonous ingredients like parabens. Yay!

Traditionally people use a concealer + foundation + powder. With Ashley’s products, you don’t need the foundation. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always hated that goopy face foundation. It feels like a mask!

Both of her items have a high pigmentation so you don’t need very much of them at all.

The concealer is to correct blemishes or discoloration, irritation or redness. Blend it in with your fingers and/or a sponge. It’s the best for covering the dark under eye area, too!

Something I love about this makeup is that it seems like it almost goes into my skin versus sitting on top of it. I tap the concealer and blend with my fingers to get it to do this.

With the powder, get a tiny bit of it on a fluffy brush and blend all over your face. Super simple and it takes just a few seconds. For more coverage, keep layering on the product and it will build into a thicker coverage.

A trick is to go over your lips to give you a really good base whatever lipstick you’re going to put on. Also go down on your neck so you don’t get that weird line.


Hoola Matte Bronzer by Benefit


Matte, not shimmery, bronzers are great for contouring which I love because it create some slimness in the face. It creates a little more definition and more cheekbone appearance.  It’s easiest to apply with an angled brush.


Mac Lip Pencil in Vino + Mac Lipstick in Sin









I also adore bold lips! I am totally a lip balm person and lipstick is fairly new to me, but I love it. This dark wine color by MAC looks great for different skin tones. I am grooving on deep reds and berry colors, too.

Put some powder on your lips as a primer.  Then line the lips and color them totally in to make the lipstick last.

It’s really important to line your lips. As I started to get into my 40’s, I noticed little lines around my lips where the lipstick wanted to travel to! Don’t nobody want that.


Urban Decay Ozone Lip Liner

Outerlip liner

Another trick for keeping lipstick in it’s place is a clear, waxy liner that you put on the outside of your lip. It stops the lipstick from traveling.

Laura Geller Baked Swirl Illuminator – Gilded Honey


This stuff makes you glow like an angel!  It’s like a halo and makes your skin look healthy and luminous. You can use an angled brush with this and tap it gently on the cheekbones, just down to the apple, not beyond.

I hope that you try some of these easy makeup tips and products…and that they help you feel even more beautiful than you are!

Do you have some favorite beauty products that you love and make you feel pretty? Please share below. I’m always on the look-out for some new goodies.


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