So excited to share of my new favorite things! I’m kind of obsessing over them and can’t wait to let you in on these little things that make me very happy.

I wasn’t paid to promote these products. It’s just that I love these things so much that I wanted to share them with to you.

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Bright Lipstick


I just started to wear bright-colored lipsticks this fall. Of course you don’t have to wait for fall just to be able to wear bright-colored lippies, but I just really got into it lately and much thanks to my friend Ashley, of My Girls On Film Studios for helping!

Ashley taught me the tricks on how to wear lipstick without having to worry that:
a) I’m smudging it all over my face (it happens)
b) if it is bleeding out the little lines around my lips
c) if it’s on my teeth (which is happen to all of us ladies, at one time or another, right?)

Ashley taught me how to use a clear lip pencil. The one that I’m currently using is from Urban Decay. It’s just a clear waxy pencil that goes on the outside of the lips to prevent lipstick bleeding out into the wrinkles. This one is really important, especially for me since I’m 43 and have some of those lippy wrinkles. Ha!

The other important thing that I use is a lip liner. I like the ones from NYX because they’re inexpensive and work great.  With this pencil, I line the outside AND inside of my lips. I don’t like that look when your lipstick starts to come off and then you just have that weird liner on the outside of your lips that looks so icky. So I line the whole entire lip and I basically color it in like a lip stain.

The lipstick that Ashley got me into is Melted by Two Faced. What’s really cool about it is that it’s not in usual the lip stick form. You just squeeze the lipstick out of this cool applicator which makes it really easy to put on.

My favorite shades are Melted Berry, which is kind of a wine color, and Melted Velvet, which is bright red. YES!


Yummy Fish Oil


I’m gonna tell you a little secret about me. I hate swallowing pills! Ugh! It’s one of my worst pet peeves ever!

So whenever I need to take my vitamins, supplements and minerals, I always look for them in liquid form. I usually mixed them in my smoothie every morning.

But there’s something even better and easier than that. And that is Barleans Fish Oil!

This is a liquid fish oil and it’s unlike any other fish oil you’ve ever been had because this one just tastes amazing! In fact, it tastes so good that sometimes, I take in a little bit of it as kind of a sweet treat. No fishy flavor here!

It is incredible! I love the Lemon Zest flavor because it tastes like lemon merengue pie. I also like the Orange Dream flavor because it tastes like an orange dreamsicle (remember those as a kid?)

Instead of putting this liquid into a tablespoon in the mornings, I just pop the bottle open and squirt it right in my mouth. For me, taking in this liquid supplement is a beautiful way to get all the Omega 3 fish oil goodness, without having to swallow those gigantic horse pills, or without having to taste that icky fish flavor in your mouth.


Flannel Shirts


Another one of my favorite things right now is sporting a flannel shirt! I just love how cozy they are. Now that it’s getting a little bit cooler in San Diego (a little bit cooler in San Diego means temperature will go back down into 70s during the day, and maybe dip into the 60s at night – we’re such sissies), flannel is perfect.

The beautiful thing about flannels right now is that you can find ones that are specifically cut for women. You don’t have to wear the straight, boy-cut flannels anymore or your brother’s or dad’s hand-me-downs. You can actually find ones that look cute on you, and fit you well.

How about you, what are some of your current favorite things?


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