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I’m doing this to say “thank you” for being an awesome woman! So many of us find ourselves frenzied, harried and doing our best to take care of everyone else around us – oftentimes at our own expense.

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Soul Vitamins Reviews

“Sara comes across as a loving cheerleader – she wants the reader to succeed. However, she also gives the reader a kick in the butt to get moving!” – Barbara

“The author’s style makes you feel like you are sitting down with a girlfriend having a chat over coffee or wine.” – Angela

“Not so sappy that when you need encouragement it makes you want to hurl. Not so badass that when you need a hug it makes you feel small. Just the right mix.” – Katie

“I fall victim to looking for others to fill my emotional needs- this book has been a gentle reminder that it comes from within.” – Miranda

 With all my love, Sara