Let’s talk about the concept that life is a journey. I know you have seen this on the internet, memes and bumper stickers, but it is really is true when you dig down into it. Life is a journey.

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There is no finish line in life. There is really no “there” or “getting there.”  Yes, there are milestones that you will reach and accomplishments that you can get.  But the whole entire big bundle of your daily life really is what matters.

The trick is to not live your life in the future. It’s to live your life here, now, in this present moment.  To enjoy your life in this present moment versus postponing your happiness or waiting until you lose 10 lbs. or waiting until you’re in that perfect relationship, or waiting until your kids are out of diapers or whatever it might be. There’s a lot of living to do right here, right now, today.

Again, there is no finish line. This is it, folks. Your day to day getting up in the morning, getting your kids ready for school, going to work, running around, going shopping, all of that kind of stuff is really what life is all about. Find joy in those moments and that is really this game of life is all about.

Finding joy in the moments, and finding joy in happiness in what’s kind of a routine is where the magic happens. Again, there’s no finish line, there’s no “there” to get to, there’s no point where your happiness is going to start or you’re going to start living your life.

You can’t continue to wait for weekends to have a good time. You can’t continue to wait for your vacations to have a good time. There’s no reason to do that. There’s no reason to postpone your happiness when you can really have a lot of joy in this particular moment.

I’m going to challenge you to evaluate where you are at today, in your daily life. Take a look at your routines.  What happens when you first wake up in the morning? What happens when going through your day to day? What happens before your head hits the pillow at night? What is that routine and is there a lot of happiness and joy and laughing in that routine?

I know that you’re an incredibly busy person and you have a lot of things going on, a lot of responsibilities as well as a lot of people counting on you. So, take a look at that life, your life in the day to day routine life and honestly ask yourself these questions: “Am I enjoying this? Am I having joy in these moments? Am I having a good time when I’m going to point A to point B? Am I having a great time with my family? With my friends? With my co-workers? With my job?”

Next figure out those points where you’re getting a lot of joy. Maybe going and watching your kids soccer game is so fun! It brings so much joy seeing them play and having a great time. Maybe an hour before bedtime, when you’re spending it with your significant other is a really joyous, awesome time for you. Take a look at your life and figure out where are those sections of your life, those moments of your day, when you truly feel joy. Where you’re living, where you’re feeling alive, where you’re not feeling like you have to go on vacation like you have to escape from your life.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of changing your thinking or your perspective around those areas that don’t feel good. Here’s an example, most people including me do not like to be in a car stuck in the traffic or driving from one place to the other. Generally, car time is not a great time.

But you can do some things to make car time actually an enjoyable time. Easy things like putting some of your favorite music on your iPhone and listening to that when you’re in a car. You can also listen to a podcast. I always keep my favorite lip gloss and my favorite hand lotion in my car. So I know when I’m in my car, I can have some beautification going on. I also keep water in my car because I know that if I’m hydrated then I’m feeling better.

What are some little simple things and little moments in the day when you can have more joy?

There is no finish line, there’s no there in the future to actually get to where your happiness can start. It’s time to stop postponing your happiness and have more joy in the moment.

Please share your ideas for easy ways to bring more happiness into your life today!


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