How often does it feel like you can’t possibly fit another freaking obligation on your bulging to-do list?

Sometimes I look at my list and my eyes go crossed like I was kicked by a donkey. Then I ((painfully)) remind myself that I said “yes” to everything on that list.

Same’s true for your to-do list and your life.

Everything in your life you said “yes” to. 

It’s not a bad thing…unless you’re exhausted and some responsibilities on that list are crowding out what you really would rather be doing.

Watch this video to learn how to figure out what situations you’re in in that feel about as good as a long and slow Brazilian wax. And then how to gracefully clear them out of your life. I also give you some tips and exact language to gain more comfort with saying “hell-to-the-no” (or even just “no”).

Plus download a worksheet you can use while watching the video to put this into immediate practice in your life.





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