You know those people in life who are just pure LIGHT!?! They’re easy to be around and they just shine bright.

Jenna Gessay is one of those luminous beings. She is an Intuitive Consultant, teaching individuals and business the language of intuition and how to connect more closely with the Divine. I’m also honored and humbled to call her a friend.

So when I asked, “Hey, Jenna, could you write a lil’ something something about secret tips from happy women for my blog,” she did what she does best – create a manifesto that is nothing short of pure light and inspired connection – with a loving kick in the booty.

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And please keep reading for her beautiful insight on the spirituality “it” factor.

The Gorgeous and Ethereal Jenna Gessay

The Gorgeous and Ethereal Jenna Gessay

Here’s the deal: if you aren’t aligned spiritually, you aren’t aligned. That’s pretty serious. This means that if you are not checking in with your spiritual self, you could be living way under the energetic poverty line; faithless, monotonous, off-center, dull and worst of all fear-based and anxiety ridden.

Our spirituality touches every facet of our lives, and it is a central aspect of who we truly are.

If you are thinking to yourself, “I have too much on my plate to dedicate more than my Sunday morning or a prayer here and there to growing spiritually right now.” Here’s the good news for all of you who have this program running: everything in your life is spiritual.

Yep, everything. The diaper pail, the leftovers, the laundry, the bills, the stress, the traffic…everything. The whole beautiful process of your life is an ever unfolding opportunity to deepen your connection with yourself and all that is. To experience your truth, to know your own soul and to confidently and faithfully walk on your path expressing in your unique way, choosing your highest and helping the world evolve.

So you’re pretty dang important and it is up to you to be the steward of your own soul’s journey. If you want to start seeing through your own inborn spiritual eyes, to experience profound meaning in your existence, to find more love and light and energetic magnificence in your life and feel authentically connected to your spirituality, here are a few choices to start making now.

Know your own soul

Do you know your soul? You have an eternal light inside, your truest essence: your radiant soul. This is your internal north star; it is the place you turn to for the big decisions, the place all of your longings, purpose and callings reside.

If you don’t know this part of yourself or recognize her when she is nudging you, talking to you and giving you messages, you will most likely live with your ego in the driver’s seat – which means fear-based decisions are made and you may get into patterns of settling and comfortable suffering versus courageously pursuing the life of our dreams and our Divine callings.

You are here with a unique calling into loving service. It is worth talking to your soul about what that is. Once you start really receiving messages from your own soul, you can easily differentiate between your beautiful soul’s voice and the voice of your ego. (Hint: your soul’s voice will come with energy that feels long and loving, while our egos are generally problem solving from a more urgent, panicked, anxious and controlling place.)

I have a document on my computer called “Soul Chat” and I literally ask my soul to come through and talk to me. I ask questions (usually things I am worried or concerned about pop up first).  I ask for my soul, the individuated aspect of the Divine within me, to answer me. And she does.  Frankly she blows me away. Chatting with your own soul is an incredibly empowering process I highly encourage you to try.

Rock your goddess light.

When I say goddess light, I mean your Divine light, the true fuel you’re made of. You know when you feel sexy in your new heels or sassy dress and your hair and make-up are done and people do tend to notice you more? That feels great, but it requires much more prep time and is far more fleeting than the sexy that comes from your goddess light.

To rock your goddess light, you simply have to acknowledge who you are, as a radiant channel and expression of the Divine, a stunning light on the planet, a powerful vessel of wisdom, truth, nurturing and love. Trust me you can very easily rock this light and be outrageously attractive in your trucker hat and yoga pants with no makeup on.

We often recognize this in younger women, not because they don’t have cellulite, but because they don’t have the stress and wear and tear that our energetic bodies and belief systems carry, they simply haven’t been through enough.

Trust that they will at some point, and if you have the fortunate calling to be an influencer to our younger female generation, you owe it to yourself and to them to rock your light from the inside out. We need to recognize that our intrinsic value, our truest beauty does not come from our external appearance, our successful career or our accomplishments; it comes from who we are.

You’ve witnessed your friends go through cancer, lose their hair and still have that fire and light. You’ve witnessed yourself on an early morning waking up to new romantic love, you’re disheveled and you haven’t brushed your teeth, but you feel like you’re glowing. You’ve seen yourself fall hard, maybe hit rock bottom and then feel the flowers of your soul reach for the sun again and bring you back to life.

That’s the light I am referring to. While situations can certainly help activate it, it doesn’t require anything external. It is your lifebreath, and if you ask it to shine through you, I promise you’ll walk more confidently and you will feel more beautiful, capable, loving and worthy each day.

Get quiet and close your eyes. See your heart beaming inside of you. See your soul’s light. See these forces radiating throughout your whole body with healing, cleansing, nurturing warmth. See this light move out to your auric field. Open your eyes when you’re ready and feeling full of love and light.

Put you and your spiritual essence first

This requires three steps.

STEP 1 – Understand that you are the most important person in your life.  If your cup isn’t full, there is no way you can serve others the way you desire to and still have the life you most feel called to living. You have to put the essence of who you are at the forefront of your life because it is your primary responsibility.

I grew up hearing “Put God first in your life,” at church and it only now feels integrated to me. I get it. I have to put my soul, which makes me a child of the Divine, first and listen to its wisdom. Listen to the connection it offers me with the Divine, to my Source and to my home beyond this life.

From my understanding, that’s how we prioritize. It’s how we hear our Divine callings and guidance. That’s how we stay centered and connected to the Divine and our spirituality. If we are checking in with ourselves to make sure we’re not running on empty, then we’re tapping into our spiritual lives.

STEP 2 -Follow your own spiritual truth. It’s okay if it doesn’t include the “God” concept of your childhood, or rigid rules, if you have a hard time with dogma, or structured religion in general. All that matters is you’re honoring your own soul’s truth. Let go of what it should look like, let go of anything that isn’t truly lighting you up and helping you feel closer to your wholeness, to your heart, your soul and profound connection to all that is.

Give yourself permission to open to being shown your truth rather than it being informed by society, your family, peers, partner or childhood. I tell my clients to take what resonates and leave the rest. If you can allow your spirituality to start to offer you a practice, whether you’re called to meditation or prayer, to nature walks or metaphysical bookstores. Whatever it may be, honor your own truth and try to do this on a daily basis. You will feel more aligned if you let your own truth speak and lead the actions you take daily to connect with your Higher Power, your own soul, nature, God, the Universe, Cosmic Consciousness and your own Divine truth.

STEP 3 – Follow your intuition. As an Intuitive myself, I feel intuition is central to our faith and well-being. It is the language of our spirituality. It helps us know we’re not alone, that we’re guided and protected along our path.

Our faith is a process. I have learned over the years that the most courage and faith I have had, the most vulnerable, brave, humble, open and intimate I have been in my life has been because I am profoundly and deeply connected to my truth, to my soul, to my inner wisdom and to the Divine. And I could only be that connected if I were listening to my intuition.

Intuition is how our souls receive and interpret answers to our prayers and Divine guidance. Intuition comes in many forms: you may see visions, you may clearly be able to discern auras, you may get extreme feelings in your physical body or emotional body, you may simply know things that seem to have come from out of the blue, you may even hear the angels.

To trust our intuition often requires slowing down a bit to notice because it is not the loudest voice we have talking to us and it can be very subtle. So take the time to discern how you receive your messages and then trust them. The more you do, the more you will see Divine results, the more you will feel comfortable surrendering your own egoic agenda to the Divine plan, and you will be growing your faith.

If your faith is strong, if you’re following your intuition, you’re putting your light first, and you’re honoring your soul’s truth, you will start to feel much more aligned spiritually and otherwise, and your life will become more supported, more synchronistic, more fulfilled and more joyful. Not to mention you’ll be rockin’ that sexy Goddess light, the spiritual “it” factor.


Thank you, Jenna! WOW – I love that.  If you did, too, leave a comment or share, please.

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