Sara has transformed the grit and gumption earned through tragic and darkly humorous life events into her own unique version of a well-lived life.

• She grew up in extreme poverty and then raised her young siblings while in her twenties after her mom died of breast cancer.

• The wireless technology company she founded quickly grew to yearly revenues of $10 million and was ultimately snatched away from her.

• She beat cervical cancer and lost 30 pounds in the process.

  Sara teaches others how to design, build and live their own version of a beautiful life. Sara’s version includes rock and rap music, hot yoga, gummi bears and her modern family that includes three black dogs.

 Sara has presentations for a number of different audiences

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Some of Sara’s topics are listed below.


Additional topics and talks are on the downloadable PDFs above.


Sara likes to tailor the talks to the needs of the event and audience, so please feel free to let us know how we can customize a presentation for your audience.

Book-iconLife Design First, Business Plan Second

You have a plan for your business. You plan vacations. You plan for retirement. But you probably don’t have a plan for your life. Learn why a Life Plan is important, the framework for creating one and how it will help you get more joy and satisfaction out of your life and your business.

Heart-beat-iconVibrant Health is Your Best Business Tool + 5 Simple Ways to Achieve It

A healthy, energetic body is your best competitive advantage. It’s a game-changer to accelerate your career success and live the life of your dreams. Learn the quickest, most effective ways to create a healthy, energetic body. They’re powerful, yet practical actions that will improve your health.

Magic-iconManifesting Business Success: It’s Not Just for the Yoga Crowd

You’re always manifesting—whether you know it or not. Your everyday thoughts and intentions are manifestations. They shape and create your reality. Learn how to consciously harness your thoughts to manifest what you most desire in your career and in your life.

community-iconWork Life Balance is BS & Here’s What to Strive for Instead

There is no such thing as work life balance. Striving to achieve it adds more stress and you ultimately end up feeling like a failure. Learn how to honor the different priorities and phases of your life and how to stop trying to do everything for your health, family, career and life.

check-iconPermission to Stop Striving for “Perfection” is Hereby Granted

Perfection in your body, with your family and in your career just isn’t possible for anyone. Being human means that we’re beautifully imperfect. Learn the skills and techniques to break free from this damaging habit and how to accept and celebrate your interesting, unique imperfections.

Pray-hands-iconTaking Your Yoga Practice Off the Mat

In yoga practice, you breathe intentionally. You move with great purpose and ease. Your mind is consciously quieted. But what happens when you come off your mat and into the world? Learn how to take the foundation of yoga into your daily life by creating an intentional practice with a few simple habits.

candle-iconCreating and Using Personal Altars

Altars have been used since the beginning of time and in nearly all religions for worship, offerings and sacrifices. They’re a powerful sacred space that can be used for ceremonies and energetic focus. Learn how to create your own personal altar for releasing whatever is not serving you and for calling in what you desire.


Looking for a topic that’s not covered here? Email and have Sara customize a speech specifically for the topic you desire.


 Sara has spoke at these companies and more



 “Hire Sara! Each time I have, I receive great feeback from our employees. They love her enthusiasm and how ‘real’ and relatable she is. She‘s such a joy.”

– Erin Madsen, Employee Wellness Director Allianz

“I met Sara nearly fifteen years ago when she was a feisty and strategic entrepreneur running a bustling tech company. I continue to be awed by her incredible warmth, spirit, brilliance and ability to inspire others to get to a better place, in spite of obstacles that would have rendered many catatonic and in the fetal position in the corner. Genuine, funny and armed with some great stories to tell, she has a true talent to connect with an audience, and somehow motivate even the most uptight person in the room.”

– Jennifer Lyon, VP Business Development Contour Networks

“Sara is naturally an excellent speaker—that shines through immediately and makes everyone in the audience feel comfortable. She quickly establishes connection and rapport, even in large rooms. Sara’s ability to connect to an audience and engage them is second-to-none.”

– Carrie Olsen, VP Client Services Best Buy


Why should we hire Sara?

Your audience will be both educated and entertained. Sara’s irreverent style of teaching and storytelling is engaging and conveys the message in a way that people appreciate and retain. Plus Sara is flexible, easy to work with and interested in creating a unique experience for your audience. Email to hire Sara.

How long are Sara’s keynotes and breakout talks?

Sara will work with you to fit in your time parameters. As a guideline, her Keynotes are 45-90  minutes, Breakouts are 1-2 hours and workshops can be up to a full day.

What speaking categories apply to Sara’s presentations?

  • Change
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Inspiration
  • Health & Wellness
  • Leadership
  • Life Balance
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Personal Development
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Stress Management
  • Vision
  • Vision & Purpose
  • Women in Business

How can we hire Sara and how much does she cost?

Email for a quote.  A 50% deposit is required to secure a date.  Expenses are handled as a flat-fee including airfare from San Diego, ground transport, meals and hotel. Hotel can be provided.

Can Sara customize her talk?

Absolutely and she prefers it that way so that it’s relatable and most useful for the audience.

Please email