Did your mom every embarrass you?

Mine did. She wore flip flops when I was a kid – and it drove me bat shit crazy.

I was completely disgusted that she wore these dirty hippie shoes all the time – even to pick me up from school where my friends could see her wearing them. The horror!

C’mon, couldn’t she put on some real shoes? Like the moccasins and sneakers the other moms’ wore?

Shoes that didn’t broadcast to the whole world that ours was a peace and love kind of a family. One where we had a shitty, rusty old car and patched our jeans not because it looked cool, but we couldn’t afford to buy new ones.

Ugh. I was so mortified

I pushed against my flower child up-bringing with all of my might. No flip flops for me. Hell no – I wore the complete opposite: penny loafers.

I lived my teens, 20’s and most of my 30’s trying to be the exact opposite of my up bringing. I worked and hustled SO hard to not be that. And this kind of a life wasn’t making me happy.

The things that I thought I wanted – buying a house in a nice family neighborhood, getting married to an upstanding guy, working my 9-5 job and wearing preppy clothes – weren’t cutting it.

The more I lived my “conventional” life, the less satisfied I was. I was striving and working so hard to create a life that actually kinda sucked.

I fought it every step along the way, until my late 30’s.

 I eventually surrendered to the fact that my true nature was that peace-loving, free-spirited hippie. Yep.

I started drinking green juice, meditating, doing yoga and…(wait for it)…wearing flip-flops.

Ahhhhhhh – yep this is who I am.

Once I embraced who I truly was and stopped working toward something that I didn’t even REALLY want, it felt so free and comforting. I wasn’t using all that energy trying to fit in and be something that I wasn’t.

Knowing who you really are is the first step to getting what you want in life. When you know yourself, know what you want – and you’re not afraid to go after it.

You know what to invest in and what to let go. You know what you really care about so that helps you put everything into perspective.

You can construct a life that fits you today and feels amazing.

On the flip side, if you spend your life striving toward a life you unknowingly don’t even really want, you end up exhausted and unhappy.

That’s why knowing yourself is the foundation to living a happy, bold, beautiful life. And it’s exactly why I created the Know Your True Self 5-Minute Quiz.


Watch the video to learn more about your true self and how knowing your true self makes you happi



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