Want to live a big, bold life? Let’s start with your body. 

A healthy, energetic body that makes you feel good is a prerequisite to living the life of your dreams

If your body is weak and tired, every little part of your life is negatively affected by it. If you feel anxious and frustrated about your body, it’s holding you back from your divine right to live the kind of kick-ass life you so deeply desire.   

On the other hand, if your body is robust and vivacious, you’re an unstoppable ball of fire.  If you’re proud of your body, you have the confidence and get-up-and-go to chase your dreams with wild abandon.

Let me be clear: you don’t have to be skinny, ripped, uber-fit or look like a supermodel to get this boost. You don’t have to be a certain weight, BMI or body fat percentage.  But you must be healthy, energetic and at peace with your body or it will be a detriment to your happiness.

Obstacle or Encourager

When your body is a constant source of disappointment and shame, it’s like a black hole sucking the energy you could be using to pursue the life that you want. It’s a tragic, massive distraction to what you really want to experience and accomplish.  Beating yourself up over and over with disgust for how you look and feel is a heinous waste of time and energy that could be invested in more meaningful pursuits.

Consider this: you know how shitty it feels to be schlumpy and embarrassed about your body. You know how depressing it feels to be exhausted or in physical pain.  You also know how freaking incredible it feels like when you’ve dropped a few pounds or had a really amazing workout – like you’re Beyonce and you could conquer the whole damn world. Which of those states of being will super charge you to chase after your dreams with crazy enthusiasm? That’s not a hard question to answer, my dear friend.

One and Only

You only get this one body to use as a channel for your own happiness and service to the world.  It’s the temple and protective shelter for your heart and soul. It’s THE foundation of your life.  Without a healthy body that you feel good about, nothing else matters at all.  Just ask someone who has stage four cancer.

Your beautiful body is the only thing in life that is with you always and forever. You can’t park her in your closet for a day or two. You wake up with her, feed her, sleep with her, dress her, you bring her to work and take her back home each day.  Is she a continual source of power, joy and pleasure – or pretty much the opposite?

Think about this: when you wash your car, you feel better about that car and yourself.  Same thing with your body— give ‘er a little TLC each day and you’ll feel so much better.  When you treat your bod with respect and care for it as your most prized possession,  it will give you with unbelievable benefits in return.

Life’s Rocket Booster

Your body is your bank account of energy. It’s the power plant for life. A power plant doesn’t have energy – it creates it.  Having the audacity to expand your life takes massive amounts of energy and you must take responsibility for consciously creating it.

Stand up, take charge and get in control of your body. You’ve been struggling with this for years and years, maybe your whole life. You know how much time, energy and money you’ve spent losing those same 10 pounds over and over and how frustrating it feels to re-start again on so many Monday mornings.  It’s time to end this insane cycle of failure and embarrassment and move into an inspired, motivated, high-powered era of your life.

A healthy, energetic body will make you a better leader, a better entrepreneur, a better parent, a better spouse and an overall better human being. An energetic body will help you meet life with full presence and power versus being checked out, numb and distracted.

Choose a Charged Life

It all comes down to this: you have a choice. Feel good about yourself and live the life you want or don’t. There really is no in-between. Your body, your appearance, your health, your goals, your planning, and your time are entirely under your control.

You get to choose whether your body is a valuable asset and supportive resource or a ticking-time-bomb of a liability and heavy burden in life.

If you want an incredible life, you must become an intense guardian for your body and your energy. Nobody can do it for you. You can’t hire someone to take care of it or hope that someone will step in and do it for you.  Only you can rise up and do this.

You’ve suffered long enough, patiently waiting and hoping that sparkly fairy dust would fall from the heavens to magically grant you a tight ass, loads of energy, happiness and a rainbow. I got news: it ain’t coming. Stop the delusional wishing for a supernatural lucky break and start actively choosing and creating the life you crave. Ya gotta get ferociously self-reliant in actively creating what you want.

Start now with a firm commitment, a vow to care for your one-and-only body and energy source for the rest of your life.  Day by day. Step by step. Fork-full by fork-full. Yes, you can and you must.

The stakes are so goddamn huge!  It’s time to stop cock-blocking your greatness with destructive and mindless choices like eating the kids’ leftover chicken nuggets yet again and drinking a sugar-soaked coffee every morning because you need it to face the day (I call bullshit). 

Stop going through the motions and being detached from what you’re allowing to happen to your body. Get present. This is your LIFE and it ain’t gonna last forever, sister.  You’ve got a lot of living yet to do.

You have the information. You know what to do. Losing weight and getting healthy is not complicated or impossible. There’s no secret formula to be found on a late-night infomercial or in the latest self-indulgent celebrity diet book. Stop searching for the next quick-fix cleanse, complex eating plan or trendy workout routine. You’re overcomplicating this, love.

Simple – it’s the only thing that works.  Eat real, whole food. Drink lots of water. Move your body.  Sleep and rest. This shit is basic, but here’s what you’ve been missing: it requires you actually doing it and being persistent. It’s mandatory to have a life-long commitment to live this way always – not just ’til you hit your goal weight.  Persistence is the only miracle cure you need.

Start making small choices like going for a walk instead of binging on your third hour of the latest TV series with your third glass of wine. You can have a rockin’ body and a juicy life if you get off your booty and do something about it every day. 

Now I’m not saying you can’t ever eat a whole basket of tortilla chips and drink margaritas with your BFFs ’til you’re a gorgeous giggling mess.  You can! But if you also want to have a tight, energetic body, you can’t do that on the regular. Splurge and enjoy the hell out of it once every week or two – without guilt. Then get back to the fundamentals of real food, water, movement and sleep.

Start with consistently embracing the Basic 10 items below. They’re primitive human needs. Don’t overcomplicate it or make it a big deal.  Just start and integrate these lifestyle choices into your days in ways that feel good and sustainable.


1. Eat at least 5 servings of veggies each day

2. Eat mostly home-cooked meals

3. Avoid processed foods, sugar and ingredients you don’t recognize

4. Drink green juice every day

5. Drink water ’til your pee is light yellow

6. Have 1 alcoholic drink a day max

7. Track your eating (if losing weight)

8. Exercise 5x/week

9. Meditate

10. Sleep well

If you want some extra help making this happen, learn the essential, must-do (and not-do) weight loss principles for free. There’s so much misinformation and confusion out there about weight loss (eat avocados, don’t eat avocados, eat like a caveman, go vegetarian, ahhhhhh!).

I strip away all the BS and give you just exactly what to do in terms of eating, exercise and mindset. Psssst: it’s not rocket science and you can totally do it. Oh and you also get a 200+ page Recipe Book with all sorts of yummy, delish recipes that you’ll love. 



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  • Terrie Schoch

    Thanks Sara for the affirmation. I have been working on my body ever since joining get your body back on track. It is so true. Your body really affects your whole well being. If your always beating yourself up about how you look and feel your never going to have a strong self. It causes a cycle of depression which just goes on and on. Thanks so much for allowing me to join you and jump Start my journey to getting a not so perfect body but one that I can feel amazing to me.

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