My Story

Sara here! I’m the founder of The Beautiful Life™  where women all over the world learn the step-by-step process to design and live the life of their dreams plus then get the resources, support and encouragement to make it happen.  I like to think of it as the place to go to become the happiest mofo you know. 
Why do I do this and why did I start the Beautiful Life? Because I, myself, have been through the shit and back again – several times. I know that joy and happiness aren’t really front of mind when you’re faced with the latest drama, trauma and crisis of the day. Most of my life was literally about surviving, not thriving, until I figured out how to live, taking control of my life and my happiness.
I share the details of my story with you because I know that we’re a lot alike and that you’ll find similarities in your life. I want you to know that if I can live a beautiful, happy life, so can you. We both deserve that. It’s our divine birthright.

Little Known Fun Facts About Me

My Jams

I love me some dirty rap music! Jay Z, Kanye, Eminem, Snoop and Macklemore are my faves. I also love belting out Fleetwood Mac and Brandi Carlile in the car.

Pizza Lover

I’m discriminating (especially with the crust) and love it with raw arugula on top and lots of pepper flakes. New York, Connecticut and Chicago-style are all good with me. 


I have the word “love” in my mom’s handwriting on the arch of my right foot. I got it on the 10-year anniversary of her dying and my sister got one, too. A tattoo with my pop’s handwriting is next.


I have mad crafty and artsy skills. I make jewelry, dream catchers, beauty products and all sorts of stuff. I can whip up pretty much anything on Pinterest if I’m in a patient mood. 





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