You know those times when you’re not quite at your best (well, actually you’re acting like a blustering bitch) and you blurt out a verbal assault that you immediately regret?

You screech at your wide-eyed kiddo.

You snap at your unsuspecting man.

You bark at the guiltless 16-year-old barista at Starbucks.





It even tastes ugly spewing out of your lips.

You wish, more than anything, that you had a rewind button so that you could immediately take back those damaging words you just spit out in your unapologetic verbal warfare.

Unfortunately you don’t.

What you do have, however, is an enchanting resource inside of you that you probably don’t yet know how to tap into.

One that will help you to not lose your shit and pop off snarky comments to whatever sucker is in range.

I call it the Guiding Light and will teach you how to access her (hint: she’s really your best, highest self).

Knowing how to do this is kind of like a priceless secret. I’ve heard from dozens of women that work with me 1-on-1 that this has made a dramatic difference in their lives.

If you want to live a more meaningful life full of ease and big love (where you’re not feeling shameful about the destruction that occasionally shoots out of your mouth like an AK-47), this is a must-learn.

Plus it feels really good!

I’ll guide you through a visualization where you will meet your Guiding Light and learn how to start interacting with her more.

Watch this to be introduced to your Guiding Light. To get the accompanying guided journal page, click Here .


How did that feel? Leave a comment below with your observations. 


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