Today you can consider me your fairy godmother or perhaps your very own genie. Why? I’m here to toss some sparkly glitter magic and teach you three different simple things that you can do to have more magic and happiness in your everyday life.

You and I both know that during the holidays there’s just a lot of wonder, warm fuzzies, sparkles and glitter all around us. I LOVE IT!

It’s a tad bit easier to feel all of that electric, luminous energy this time of the year. Once we get out of this season and into January and the rest of 2016, wouldn’t it be nice to carry that feeling with you in your day-to-day life?

Of course! Here’s how. Keep reading or watch the video – because you deserve some magical sparkle in your life!

Have Perspective

There are so many beautiful things and people and situations around you – all the time! Are you seeing all the beautiful things around you? Or are you so busy rushing around that you’re missing them?

There are miracles and magic happening around you all day long…whether you notice them or not.

When you have perspective and open your eyes, you can actually see and experience the magic and beauty that’s happening around you.  It might be something as simple as appreciating the magnificent deep red flowers on your co-worker’s desk. Or realizing how sweet someone was when they did a little favor for you.

It’s all about perspective. When can can open your eyes and see all of the wonderful, amazing, beautiful things that are happening around you…it’s pretty extraordinary!

Put Love in Your Routine

You probably have a routine where you’re running around like a crazy person. People have demands and are asking a lot of you.  You probably start running first thing in the morning: getting kids ready for school, going to work, rushing to soccer practice, cooking dinner, putting the kids to bed…and getting ready to do that all over again. Pretty crazy!

The routine and mach speed of our day-to-day can feel not-so-magical. But there are some things that you can do to bring some magic into your routine.

Think about the things that you use and interact with every day in your different environments.

Most days, you’re going to take a shower and wash your hair. What if you had some really beautiful, amazing shampoo that you absolutely loved? So much so that you actually looked forward to taking a shower. You could expand that concept into luscious soap, a bath sponge or some essential oils. Take that daily routine of taking a shower into a spa-like experience.

You can do the same kind of thing in your kitchen or with your makeup or with your clothes. Think of some things that you use on a daily basis and consider how you can upgrade those items to make your experience somewhat magical.

As an example, I have an Apple watch that I wear every day because I love, love, love it. I’m totally into it and it really does bring some joy and magic into my day. So rather than just having a regular watch that I’m not really into, I choose to have a special watch that brings me happiness and a little boost throughout my day.

What about the places where you’re at on a regular basis? How you can bring some beauty and joy into those?

If you spend a lot of time in the car, how can that car time be more enjoyable? Maybe you’re listening to a podcast or audio books, or maybe you have some aromatherapy in your car. Whatever it might be, find a way to turn that car time into a more pleasurable experience.


Live with Intention

The easiest way to live with mindful purpose and intention is to take five minutes in the morning and set your intention for the day.

Think about where you’re going, who you’re going to see, how you wanna feel in those situations and how you want to feel at the end of the day,

It could be a time where you’re sitting with your eyes closed and setting your intentions. Or it could be time where you’re journaling. It could literally be scratching your ideas out on a post-it note.

Invest those few minutes to give yourself the opportunity to lay out your day in front of you. Say to yourself: “This is how I want to show up in the world. These are the interactions I want to have with people. This is how I want to feel about my day,”

It will set the tone for your whole entire day. Just taking those five minutes can bring some amazing magic into your life.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think!


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