There’s an epidemic in our country.

It’s almost a sickness, really.

It’s expectations and pressure on you to take care of everyone else and give…and give…and give until you’re freaking exhausted, completely depleted and wrung out like a dirty dish towel.

You give so much that even taking a 10-minute hot shower and brushing your hair can sometimes feel like a luxurious spa day.

I know that when I talk about self care and self love, you bristle. You’re thinking, “yeah right, Sara, when will I do those things?”

I know you spend your time, energy and money on everyone else and everything else before you even consider taking care of yourself. You know this is the truth, too.

Here’s the thing though – when you give too much, you’re not a very effective giver. You get cranky and resentful. And the people around you can feel that sucky, yucky energy coming off of you, too.

It’s a vicious cycle. You’re so beat down taking care of everyone else that you have no energy to live an amplified, fun life. Then you’re so out of whack that you don’t have the presence to even know what would feel good anymore.

What happens next in the cycle is you start living small, simply surviving and settling for less.

How the heck could you live a big, beautiful life when you have to rally yourself for another day of the morning scramble, a full day of work demands and your idiot co-workers, rushing to soccer practice, warming up dinner, getting the kiddos to sleep and getting prepped to do it all over again?

The unfortunate and painful outcome of this is that you start settling for less in your life. Those dreams and plans you had at one point in your life seem unrealistic and frivolous (and sometimes downright insane).

You get into survival mode. Coffee becomes necessary to jump start your body into moving through yet another day grinding it out.

I feel you. I’ve been there. I’ve lived a life where I settled for “good enough” and experienced that low-level, yucky comfortable suffering 24×7. It felt like the real me was lying dormant somewhere inside yet I couldn’t access her.

I busted out of that over-giving cycle and am ecstatic to be living a life where my feelings, wants and desires matter – because I express them and they are honored.

You don’t have to go through life feeling spent and utterly exhausted.

Follow me here for a minute. For a moment, just think of the possibility of fully showing up for your man, your kids, your family with a big bucket of energy and enthusiasm.

Consider what it would feel like to get rid of the resentments that you have around all that you do for everyone else.

Dream about what it would feel like to do things throughout the day that make you feel good.

You can love and live much bigger if you’re living a life that you truly love.

Here’s the deal: you don’t have to make big, radical changes to start to get the benefit of making what you want a priority. Little shifts can get you in the receiving mode pretty damn quickly.

So for today, thoughout the day, I want you to ask yourself over and over again, “Is this what I truly want?” Just start there.

By getting in touch with what you want – and don’t want – is the first step to improving your energy level and experiencing more of what you want out of life.

“Is this what I truly want?” Ask it 100 times today…and let me know how it goes in the comments below.


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