Do you ever get that strange feeling that something is just not quite right? And you don’t even know why or how you feel that way? You just know.

It’s kind of a gut feeling.

Or maybe you can see in your mind’s eye something that’s about to go down?

All of us have these nifty (and kinda witchy) intuitive capabilities in one way or another.

I can remember going back to when I was a shortly little blonde girl and my intuition telling me that one of my mom’s boyfriends as a dirt-bag, loser, a-hole. Well, maybe that little girl didn’t think “a-hole,” but I knew he was no good.

Sure enough – I was right.

Nobody taught me how to use intuition or even what it was. I was just born with it. Kinda like Lady Gaga sings, “Baby, I was born this way.” Ok now that song is stuck in my head!


You were born with magical and mystical intuitive super powers, too!

There are different ways that we receive our sparkly intuitive messages. The way you receive them is totally unique, but there are 4 main “languages.”

You could be strong in one or have a little of all of them. You have your own mix of mad intuitive skills!

This video is all about helping you to figure out your intuitive style and how you receive those messages.

Because once you know that, you can “listen” more closely and “hear” more information.

That intuitive information is key to living your very best life!

Why? Because it tells it like it is – what you truly want and how you want it. It’s almost like your soul is communicating to and with you.

Your intuition pops to communicate when things feel good – and when they feel like hell.

When you tap into that at a deeper level, your intuition is the universe’s best life coach you could ever desire.

Watch the video and click here to download a Checklist that you can use while watching the video to determine your own Intuitive Style! 




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