You’re busy as a motherf’er, aren’t you? You’re a responsible badass who gets is ALL done:

Shuffling kids around

Going to meetings and handling work stuff

Trying to be loving to your man

Keeping in touch with friends

Doing your best to cook healthy meals

Wrangling laundry

…and attempting to take care of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually

Your plate is HEAPING full and it may feel like your life is dictated by your ever-growing, bitch-ass to-do list.

And you’re tired. Overwhelmed. Exhausted. Pooped out.

What if I told you that it’s really not all that difficult to lighten your load a bit?

You’d think I was a crazy fool and click off this page. NO! C’mon now – let me help you.

In life, we all make priority choices – whether we’re doing it consciously or not. You do this. I do this.

You have said yes to everything that’s in your life.

Sometimes it wasn’t a big, joyful, heartfelt “YES,” but rather stuff creeping in because you’re tired and saying “no” just took too much damn energy.

I can show you how to clear away some of the unimportant junk so that you have time and space for what matters to you most.


Because the real meaning of life isn’t in how many things you DO and how many things you HAVE…

But in the love and joy that you would choose over and over and over again.

Here’s the sacred, brutal, liberating truth: you can’t have everything.

But you don’t want everything.

If you had a minute to think about what you really wanted, you’d realize that this whole life thing is actually pretty simple.

And yet, we can create our own person versions of hell trying to do and be everything – both for ourselves and for those who love us.

Watch the class video and learn how to get rid of overwhelm by clearing space for more of what you truly want – even if that’s peace-of-mind and some goddamn sleep.

You’ll learn how to “clear the decks” when it comes to your media consumption, people in your life (yes, we’re going there), obligations and your physical space.

The video is inside my Private Facebook group, so click here to request access and I’ll let you in right away. Then you can watch the video.


There’s also worksheet that you can use to follow along and make a mini-plan for making more space in your life. Click here to get it.


PS – the $49 pricing I referenced for the Beautiful Life Membership expired on July 26, 2016.


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