I’ve been a vicious control freak since the ’70’s when I was born.

As long as everything was exactly as I thought it should be, I was totally flexible (ha!) and happy.

I could take a perfectly amazing setting and turn it into my own personal hell if a puny little thing didn’t go the way I expected it should.

Like the day my then-boyfriend and I were scheduled to go on an epic catamaran cruise in Maui.

I got absolutely bent out of shape and went into a ludicrous funk when my face decided to break out with a gigantic cold sore that morning. Yep, I lost it over a lump on my lip.

I couldn’t get out from under this thick, woe-is-me pity I had covered myself with.

“Waaaaaa – this isn’t how it’s supposed to be. Why now? Why me? Damn it. I’m going to look ugly in our pictures. Everyone is going to be totally grossed out by me. I’m not talking to anyone – I’m so embarrassed. This is hideous. I am hideous.”

When a school of spinner dolphins swam right along the boat, I stayed inside and didn’t see them – because everyone else went outside and I didn’t want them to see me (as if anyone was even going to be looking at me when dolphins were jumping and swimming by).

I was cranky and a real a-hole pretty much the entire time.

I ruined this incredible experience in paradise for me and my guy.

That sucked.

And I had so many other similar experiences that sucked. So over the past several years, I’ve learned how to surrender more and to accept what is – versus aching for what I want it to be.

This has been nothing short of a miracle in my life. It’s increased my happiness by leaps and bounds.

No longer am I torturing me (and those around me) when shit doesn’t go how I think it should.

In fact, I’m even working on letting go of how I think it *should* be so that I can enjoy whatever kookiness that unfolds in front of me.

I call this my FLOW and I teach you how to get into it in this video.

To get the accompanying Action Sheet – where you can put this into practice in your own life – click here .


What was most illuminating to you about this exercise and getting into your own flow?


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