I used to follow all sorts of fitness pros on Instagram and Facebook.

You know the ones I’m talking about.

The ones who post pictures of their rockin’ bods posing in a mirror at the gym…their rockin’ bods in their kitchens making boiled chicken breasts…their rockin’ bods (in the tiniest bikini) at the luxurious pool…their rockin’ bods stuffing macaroons into their mouths on the daily (I call BS on that one, by the way!).

Every time I would see one of those pics, I would feel pretty crappy about my body. And myself.

Logically I know what it takes to get one of those bods (not for me, thank you) and how much goes into staging those photos (lighting! makeup! poses!) and how much editing is done before they’re posted (F-U, Photoshop).

I also know that we’re all human and nobody is “perfect.” Not even Heidi Klum is perfect.

Actually our cool uniqueness is what’s most beautiful and awesome about Heidi and you and me.

BUT – emotionally these images were getting into my craw.

I was getting sucked into false and unattainable striving for perfection in my own body. I was being really hard on myself and beating myself up when I chose to have a second glass of wine or when I didn’t push myself as hard as I could at yoga.

I was expecting perfection from myself. Just like daily macaroons, that, too, is BS.

So I stopped following those rockin’ bods. UNFOLLOW! UNFOLLOW! UNFOLLOW!


It feels so good to appreciate my strong body for what it is – and stop obsessing over what it isn’t through that daily comparison on Instagram and Facebook.

I feel much happier!

There are things, just like this, that most of us do that unknowingly sabotage our happiness. Of course we don’t do it on purpose, but I would bet that you have a few well-intentioned habits that are causing you pain. Like my dumb decision to follow those people on social media.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. I can help.

I’ve created a checklist for you of the 5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Happiness – and how to stop that shit right now.

Click here to get it!

It quickly shows you the ways you might be unintentionally getting in your own way of living a more happy and content life…and what to do about it.



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