Losing weight doesn’t start with eating and exercise. Hell no! It start with the thoughts in your head that are constantly swirling around and talking to you.

It start with believing that you deserve to be thin and healthy (hint: you totally do…you just don’t believe it yet).


If you believe you deserve better, you will create better for yourself. When you believe you deserve better than being frustrated and pulling on your fat pants everyday, you will do the actions necessary to get you into some hot skinny jeans.

When you are looking at chicks with bodies you admire (like Kate Hudson, J Lo or your hot neighbor), do you say these kinds of things to yourself: “She is better than I am and I’ll never be able to look how she looks. I’ll never have what she has. I’ve tried and failed too many times. )#*&$*)(*&@#%*)&@#$%)*)!”

At the same time, maybe you still kind of get excited about losing weight or temporarily get fired up about some quick-fix fad diet that you’ve seen on the Internet, but do you really believe you can do it.

If not, you won’t.

If, instead, you can look at those attractive, thin bitches and think: “Damn, it’s my turn,” then this is your chance to make it so.

If you think differently, you will have a different outcome. If you think differently, you will lose weight. Pinky promise! You have to start with your thinking. You’ve got to kick your shitty negative beliefs about yourself to the curb and replace them with positive, helpful ones.

You have to dig into your heart and soul and embrace what you believe you can do. Girl, think about the qualities you have the will make you successful at this weight loss business. Stop focusing on what you don’t have or how you have failed in the past. Instead put your laser-beam focus on what you are blessed with that is a skill, quality or resource that will help you slim down.

Here’s How to Change Your Thoughts About Weight Loss:

1. What are two negative, recurring thoughts you have about yourself and your weight loss failures? Write them down on a piece of paper and burn that shit. I’m not kidding and this isn’t a rhetorical request. It’s a firm, must-do requirement. Get some matches and send those thoughts up in smoke as if you were Cheech and Chong (well, don’t actually smoke it, but burn it, baby!). When you’re burning those shitty thoughts and they’re floating into space, release them. Tell them “bye-bye, bitch” and that they’re not welcome back any longer.

2. Think about and determine several skills and resources you have that would help you with weight loss. For example, you have the knowledge that eating more green veggies helps with weight loss. Yes! You also have the means to buy workout sneakers and clothes. Damn right! You can recognize where you need help and can line that help up (by hiring a kick-ass coach). Oh f yeah! What are some other things you have going for you?

3. Visualize yourself putting those skills and resources to work. Hell yes you can eat more green veggies – and you can see yourself doing that in your mind. Of course you can go on Zappos.com and buy yourself a new pair of radical, flashy sneakers. Envision yourself having a motivating coach supporting you and holding your ass accountable. See it play out in your mind. Feel what it would feel like. Believe that you have the skills and the resources to make this happen – because you do.

4. Create a couple affirming mantras to say to yourself, as a replacement for those negative thoughts that you released. You’ll want to write these down, memorize them and repeat them often. Mantras like: “I love and eat my green veggies,” “I have all the tools I need to get skinny,” and “My coach fully supports me and helps me get thin and hot.”

These exercises help you to decide, and really believe, that you can be good at losing weight. As you behave these ways, eat healthier and exercise more, you will actually see yourself losing weight and having success. You will have then manifested and created a personal truth that reflects the new reality that you’ve created!

As your personal truth starts to change and you’re believing, to your core, that you are doing this, you will be kinder to yourself. You’ll stop beating yourself up for past failures because those are in the past and you have a new, thin reality. When you feel like you can do this, because you are, you’ll create even more momentum and you’ll continue to behave your way to success.

Because once you change your powerful thoughts and beliefs, your behavior follows. Damn, it’s your turn. Believe it.



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