Click-Here-heartoflife“Oh #$)*&#$%)! I’m late again! F*CK!”

I was cussing like Tupac under my breath while I was full-on sprinting in red high heeled boots through the empty high school corridor.

It was empty because all the other parents were on time and in the classrooms.

I was late for Parent’s Night at school.

Every other parent seemed to have been able to pick up their kids from school, get them home and fed, and then back to the school by 7pm.

Not me though.

I was running the 50 yard dash of guilt as quickly as my short little legs could carry me.

Just as I got to Mrs. Olson’s 1st period English room, I caught a glimpse of myself in a dark, reflective window.

My skirt (which had a very distinct and obvious patten on the front) was on BACKWARDS.

Not just a little skewed or slightly off center, but the damn thing was completely turned around.


So did this just happen in my shameful race or has it been like that for a while? Had I lead a staff meeting and picked up take-out food for the kids with it like that?

I didn’t have time to think or care about that.

I took a deep breath to try and stop my obvious heavy breathing while I spun my skirt around. Then I darted into the classroom to face a condescending smile from Mrs. Olson and judgement-filled glances from 30 other parents.

There I was just trying to survive another day.

I wanted to do more than exist.

I wanted to do more than pay bills and die.

I wanted to feel like life was easier.

I was not ok being just ok.

At the same time, I was frazzled and felt stuck. How was I going to get myself out of this exhausting cycle that seemed to repeat itself daily?

Through months of studying, reading and treating myself as a human guinea pig, I came up with The Heart of Life – an exercise I’m so happy to share with you today.

It was my first necessary step to elevating my life beyond just existing.

It helped me to figure out where I was at, what was most critical to my happiness and, most importantly, why I felt that way.

It was almost like my life was a dirty window and the Heart of Life was some miracle glass cleaner – it helped me to start seeing clearly where I was, where I wanted to be and the path for getting there.

I created a short training video for you to teach you about the Heart of Life that is below.

I also made you an Action Sheet so that you can do the exercise yourself as I guide you through it. Click Here to get it.


Please give yourself these few minutes.

Now is the time to start living the life you always imagined.

You deserve it.



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