Well hello, beautiful!

Mmmmmhmmmmm. I’m talking to you.

You with those soulful eyes that sparkle.

And those lips of yours are absolutely unforgettable when they curl up into a smile.

You have no idea how charming and lovely you are when you’re laughing.

Seriously. Your face lights up like fireworks. It’s gorgeous. You’re gorgeous.

The radiant glow in your heart shines right through when you smile and laugh. It truly is a magnificent sight to see.

I wish you could see yourself the way we do. You’re an incredible beauty.

There’s nobody in the world that is beautiful like you. You’re uniquely stunning.

That’s the truth.

You’re more than just a pretty face though. You’re a kind, pure soul.

A soul that has so much more to share with the world. So much more warm light to shine on all those you are here to inspire and support.

The love that shines out of you is breathtaking.

We’re all so lucky to be in your beautiful presence.

If it feels good to be reminded how radiant you are, doesn’t it?

All of us, including you and me, need encouragement and to be told that we’re wonderful.

It’s for that reason that I created the Beautiful You candle. It’s a delicious artisan candle with your name on it!

Yep, it says Beautiful _______(your name) right on it.

And it’s purpose is to remind you of what a beauty you are.

When it’s lit, the dancing flame and fresh citrus scent will remind you that you are beautiful!

The candle is handmade in San Diego of soy wax infused with bright notes of natural essential oils including bergamot, lemon, orange and fresh herbs.

It’s hand-poured into a recycled wine bottle that’s been hand-cut, sanded and polished.

To top it off, the gold metallic label is customized with any name that you want – yours or a friend’s (they’re the best gifts)

Each is a one-of-a-kind reminder of your beauty.

Beautiful You Candle

Click here to place your order.

At this time, each candle has to be ordered individually.

Thanks, beautiful! xoxo


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