click-here-6Meditation is such a buzz word right now.

Oprah’s telling us we should be doing it. Gisele. Lena Dunham and Ellen do it.

I love what O says: “My life is better when I get still regularly. Call it meditation or call it quiet time — doesn’t matter. The benefits are the same. If you stay with the practice, it’s like developing spiritual muscle. I promise you will become less stressed, more focused.” 

So maybe you feel like you {{SHOULD}} be meditating, but you’re not, right? 

First, stop feeling guilty and bad because you’re not doing it. You have enough to worry about, friend.

In this week’s Beautiful Life Show, you’re going to learn the easiest and quickest way to do a little meditation that feels really, really good –  like a mini retreat. For reals.

Meditation can feel so good that you’ll want to keep doing it and you’ll actually look forward to it, almost like it’s a little spa treatment.

Plus there are about a jillion benefits to meditation. Here are a few of the scientifically-based biggies:

Better Brains: a recent study from UCLA found that long-term meditators has better preserved brains than non-meditators as they aged.  A study at Harvard discovered that meditation can actually change the structure of the brain, increasing the cortical thickness in the hippocampus which controls learning and memory. The Harvard study also saw decreases in the amygdala which is responsible for fear, anxiety and stress.

Helps with Depression and Anxiety: Johns Hopkins found the effect of meditation for depression and anxiety was equal to that of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds.

Improves Concentration: a study from the University of California, Santa Barbara found that meditating improves attention and concentration in just a matter of weeks.

What I personally get from it is like a pocketful of calmness that I carry with me throughout the day. When I’ve meditated, a little ray of peaceful sunshine follows me around.

I also get really great ideas coming to me during meditation. Ideas drop in like crazy. Ideas that I have no idea where they’re coming from, but they’re pretty awesome.

Yeah, yeah, that’s all well and good, but I know what you’re thinking: I just don’t have time to meditate.

I get it. You have a to-do list that’s busting at the seams already.

That’s exactly why I’m teaching you an EASY way to meditate (hint: there’s no right or wrong way to do it).

Plus you can download a FREE, QUICK guided meditation by clicking here.

It’s all about helping you to receive more clarity and confidence to live the life of your dreams – and it’s just 10 minutes long.

C’mon – you have 10 minutes to invest in yourself, right?


NOTE: this is an episode of a live show that was on Facebook, but has since moved to being a podcast.

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