click-here-to-get-5Piles and piles o’ paper. We all have ’em. You. Me. Jennifer Lopez. Adele.

And there is absolutely nothing beautiful, useful or joyful about them.

In fact, they feel pretty stinkin’ crappy.

“Hell yes – I love those disheveled piles of paper on the counter, on my desk and in the closet,” said NO ONE EVER.

My biggest paper dread is a small file cabinet that I just keep stuffing stuff into. Warranty for my juicer – shove it in. Insurance papers for my car – stick it in. Mementos from that trip to Catalina – in it goes.

It almost feels like the cabinet itself releases a black poof of anxiety each time I open it because of all the junk that’s inside of it. Junk that’s looming and wanting my attention, being all unkept and shit.

Piles of paper and clutter are not beautiful. They don’t help you to live a beautiful life.

So this week’s Beautiful Life Show is all about decluttering your life – pile by unnerving pile.

Short of me coming over with a bottle of wine and a dumpster, I’m teaching you how to get rid of the clutter in your environments so that you can free up both mental and physical space.

You know that lightness you feel when you’ve cleaned out a drawer or organized your closet? Yep, that feeling is on it’s way.

NOTE: this is an episode of a live show that was on Facebook, but has since moved to being a podcast.

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Posted by Sara Christensen on Monday, September 26, 2016

Also, be sure to click here to get the FREE worksheet that goes along with the Show. It’s a 1-page quick-start to declutter three spots in your house, office or garage. It helps you to get down to the core of why this clutter happened in the first place and how you can prevent it from piling up again in the future.




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