click-here-to-get-4How do you think you’re doing at life so far?

Feeling like you nailed it and are happy and content most of the time?

Or are you feeling like you’re just barely managing to keep everything and everyone – including yourself – afloat?

If it’s the latter, it’s ok.  We’ve all been there.

When I was deep in the single sister/mom days, I remember feeling like I always had one foot on a greasy black banana peel.

Like I was kind of waiting for the next goddamn crisis to show up – whether it was the hot water heater gushing all over the basement, a kid punching a hole in a wall or the embarrassment of my credit card not going through at the grocery store.

I always felt like I was letting someone down – the kids, my boyfriend, my family, my co-workers, my friends. Disappointment sandwiches for everyone!

It felt like I was just kind of surviving and doing the minimum across the board.

Not because I wanted to do that.

Fuck no. It was all I could muster though.

Keeping kids fed somewhat nutritiously (cheesy puffs count as a serving of dairy, right?). Clients not complaining. The sheets washed on a (somewhat) regular basis. Exercising a few times a week.

I felt awful about how I wasn’t showing up.

I was very focused on what I wasn’t doing and what everyone wasn’t getting from me.

Never did I consider all that I was doing and what everyone was getting from me.

All things considered, I was doing a pretty damn good job at life. However, I had no idea that was the case when I was in it though.

Here I was beating myself up 100 times a day for my misperception that I was doing a mediocre-at-best job. I can still hear the shit talk that I used to say to myself all throughout the days and nights.

I made the tough job of working and raising kids even harder with how shitty I was being on myself.

If I would have known that I was doing a pretty great job, I would have felt better about life.

I might have even enjoyed some of the day-to-day routines if I could have had affirmation that I was doing a good job at the things I was working so hard to do.

That’s why this week’s Beautiful Life Show episode is all about assessing how you’re doing at life.

I would bet a jillion bucks that you’re doing better at life than you think.

I would even bet TWO jillion bucks that you’ll feel much better after you realize this.

NOTE: this is an episode of a live show that was on Facebook, but has since moved to being a podcast.

I’ve also created a FREE Checklist so that you can easily see what areas of life you’re succeeding at – YES! This feels really good to realize all the areas where you’re kicking ass and taking names.

Click here to get the free checklist.

You’ll also see the areas that you haven’t quite nailed yet. It’s ok. It’s just good to know what they are. When you bring stuff into the light, you can determine what, if anything, you’ll do about it.

You may discover that you’re not on top of taking care of your car, but it’s not important to you. So that’s a-ok.

You also may find that there are a few things that are important to you and you want to get them into the mix of your life. Stuff that would feel good to you.



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