Want to feel happier and like you’re surrounded by love and light?

Learn how to pump up your happiness by consciously understanding what your version of a beautiful environment is and how to shift and change some of the places where you spend the most time to feel good to you!

You’re affected by the environments you’re in like your home, workplace and even your car (eeks – scary?).  You’re also affected by the stuff that’s in those places, and how they smell, sound, look and feel. Learn how to design your spaces to be more beautiful to you.

NOTE: this is an episode of a live show that I did on Facebook and have since moved to a podcast.

Click here to get the Worksheet to follow along with the video so that you can surround yourself in beauty.

Beautiful Life Show LIVE – Episode 1 – How To Surround Yourself in Beauty and Get Happy.

Free Worksheet Download:

Posted by Sara Christensen on Monday, August 29, 2016


When you get the Surround Yourself in Beauty Worksheet, I’ll also send you the wallpaper below for your phone so that you can remind yourself of this every time you look at your phone. Click here to get both the worksheet and the wallpaper. Surround-wallpaper-screenshot


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  • Darcy

    Sara you are so adorable. Thank you for your first show. I just watched the replay and really enjoyed it. What you said makes so much sense which I will keep in mind. Now off to clean since my cleaning lady was also suppose to come today too but had to cancel.

  • Mike Christensen

    You talk almost as much and as fast as Grandma Virginia and I. You did a fine presentation and are so pretty. Love Ya, Daddy Mike

  • Sara

    This is a test, Sara

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