Want to Live Your Dream Life…

But Don't Know Where the Hell to Start?

Want to Live Your Dream Life…

But Don't Know Where
the Hell to Start?


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Spiritual "It" Factor

You know those people in life who are just pure LIGHT!?! They're easy to be around and they just shine bright. Jenna Gessay is one of those luminous beings. She is an Intuitive Consultant, teaching individuals and business the language ...

Prerequisite to Bliss

May 1, 2016

Want to live a big, bold life? Let’s start with your body.  A healthy, energetic body that makes you feel good is a prerequisite to living the life of your dreams If your body is weak and tired, every little part of your life is ...

5-Minutes to Your Best Life

You have a right to live the kind of life that you dreamed about when you were younger.   That time when it seemed like all things were absolutely possible...and you were enthusiastic, eager and energized about the days and years ...

Let's Get Our Bodies Back, Shall We?

April 2, 2016

Hi, Friend! Join me in sending some extra pounds packing. When I'm feeling strong and fit, everything else in my life is more beautiful and enjoyable. Can you relate? I'm excited to put an extra focus on my health and drop kick the ...

Spring Clean Your Life

How often does it feel like you can't possibly fit another freaking obligation on your bulging to-do list? Sometimes I look at my list and my eyes go crossed like I was kicked by a donkey. Then I ((painfully)) remind myself that I said ...

What's Your Intuitive Style?

Do you ever get that strange feeling that something is just not quite right? And you don't even know why or how you feel that way? You just know. It's kind of a gut feeling. Or maybe you can see in your mind's eye something that's ...

Meet Your Best Self

February 29, 2016

You know those times when you're not quite at your best (well, actually you're acting like a blustering bitch) and you blurt out a verbal assault that you immediately regret? You screech at your wide-eyed kiddo. You snap at your ...

Control Freak Much?

February 25, 2016

I’ve been a vicious control freak since the ’70’s when I was born. As long as everything was exactly as I thought it should be, I was totally flexible (ha!) and happy. I could take a perfectly amazing setting and turn it into my own ...

Everything is "Fine" (bullshit)

February 22, 2016

"Oh #$)*&#$%)! I'm late again! F*CK!" I was cussing like Tupac under my breath while I was full-on sprinting in red high heeled boots through the empty high school corridor. It was empty because all the other parents were on time ...

Free Love Printables

There's just not enough love in the world! I want to give you some. Click here to get a free set of 10 Love Printables. They're perfectly set up for your printer, so all you have to do is print them off and hang them up. Find your ...

I Choose to Unfollow

I used to follow all sorts of fitness pros on Instagram and Facebook. You know the ones I'm talking about. The ones who post pictures of their rockin' bods posing in a mirror at the gym…their rockin' bods in their kitchens making ...

Are You Settling for Less?

January 17, 2016

Does it sometimes feel like there's more to life for you? That maybe, just maybe, you might be settling for less in your relationships, your health, your career? I'm excited to talk and share some tips on something that I also struggle ...

Improve Your Relationship with Your Man

January 14, 2016

Big confession here: I've been (a HUGE) part of the problem in my past relationships! It wasn't all his fault. Eeeeekkkksss! Yes, it's true. I did stuff like (gulp)...made him return/exchange every Christmas gift he gave to me...butted ...

Stop Postponing Your Happiness

January 14, 2016

Let's talk about the concept that life is a journey. I know you have seen this on the internet, memes and bumper stickers, but it is really is true when you dig down into it. Life is a journey. If you'd like to watch the video, go for ...

Is This What I Truly Want?

January 14, 2016

There's an epidemic in our country. It's almost a sickness, really. It's expectations and pressure on you to take care of everyone else and give...and give...and give until you're freaking exhausted, completely depleted and wrung out ...

Defined Happiness on Their Own Terms

“Sara gave me the support and kick in the butt when I needed it the most, often times reading my exact thoughts like a psychic guru. I thank her so much for being her inspirational self.”



“Sara retrained my thinking. She shines the light on what's important. I learned how to actually love and care for myself. She taught me power and strength are within and it's time for me to take them back.”


"The best part about Sara’s program is that it is totally easy and maintainable. I can say with certainty that Sara’s program has changed me for the better and I am feeling great."

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